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2019-2020 Falcon Booster Club Officers/Committee Chair Members


President: Sherri L. Ross

Vice President: Paul Andrzejewski

Secretary: Desiree Walker

Treasurer: Michelle Nelson

Marketing/Advertising Director: Donna Citrano Counts

IT Support/Media Guide: Mike Counts

Media Guide Photographer: Candace Sanderson (Candace Sanderson Photography)

Media Guide Layout: Mike Counts/Colleen Davis/Sherri L. Ross

Dancing with the Falcons Co-Chairs/Committee: Tricia Hall & Donna Citrano Counts

Season Passes/Membership: Lynn Mayo

Homecoming Mums: Colleen Davis & Lisa McCord

Gear Sales: OPEN

Basketball Reserved Seating: Barbara Stokes

Boston Butts: Jamie & Ben Faulds

Bed Sheets: Lynn Mayo